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Auto Parts Industrial (New Zealand) Limited, is a New Zealand owned and operated importer of aftermarket vehicle parts specializing in crash body panels and lights.

FORD - MONDEO 2001-2003 HD

Picture FD29-000-A0 MONDEO 01- FR BUMPER PRIMED GREY (w/o valance) No stock $202.42
Picture FD29-000-B0 MONDEO 01- FR BUMPER BLACK (w/valance) No stock $177.64
Picture FD29-000G-F1 MONDEO 01- FR BUMPER FOG LP FRAME RH No stock $23.96
Picture FD29-000G-F2 MONDEO 01- FR BUMPER FOG LP FRAME LH In stock $23.96
Picture FD29-000M-1 MONDEO 01- FR BUMPER MOULDING RH No stock $28.92
Picture FD29-000M-2 MONDEO 01- FR BUMPER MOULDING LH No stock $28.92
Picture FD29-005-0 MONDEO 01-03 RADIATOR M/T PTA 2.0,2.5i,ST22L In stock $231.34
Picture FD29-009-0 MONDEO 01- RADAITOR PANEL (HE) AUTO In stock $227.21
Picture FD29-013-0 MONDEO 01-03 FR BUMPER LOWER APRON No stock $119.80
Picture FD29-015-0 MONDEO 01- BONNET In stock $260.26
Picture FD29-016-1 MONDEO 01- FR GUARD RH In stock $103.28
Picture FD29-016-2 MONDEO 01- FR GUARD LH In stock $103.28
Picture FD29-087-0 MONDEO 01- REAR BUMPER WAGON BLK In stock $295.00
Picture FD29-087-A0X MONDEO 01- REAR BUMPER SEDAN PRIMED No stock $210.69
Picture FD29-087M-0 MONDEO 01- REAR BUMPER CENTRE MOULD BLK SEDAN No stock $43.79
Picture FD29-087M-1 MONDEO 01- REAR BUMPER MOULD BLK SEDAN RH In stock $24.70
Picture FD29-087M-2 MONDEO 01- REAR BUMPER MOULD BLK SEDAN LH In stock $24.70
Picture FD29-093-0 MONDEO 01- GRILLE In stock $128.07
Picture FD29-202E-1 MONDEO 01- H\LIGHT RH (E) In stock $243.73
Picture FD29-202E-2 MONDEO 01- H\LIGHT LH (E) In stock $243.73
Picture FD29-225E-1 MONDEO 01-03 FOG LIGHT RH (E) No stock $69.41
Picture FD29-225E-2 MONDEO 01-03 FOG LIGHT LH (E) In stock $69.41
Picture FD29-252E-1 MONDEO 01-03 TAIL LIGHT RH "E" In stock $152.85
Picture FD29-252E-2 MONDEO 01-03 TAIL LIGHT LH "E" In stock $152.85
Picture FD29-394-0 MONDEO 01- CONDENSER PFC In stock $161.11
Picture FD29-940E-B1 MONDEO 01- DOOR MIRROR ELEC RH (Heater, primed,"E In stock $144.59
Picture FD29-940E-B2 MONDEO 01- DOOR MIRROR ELEC LH (Heater, primed,"E In stock $144.59

All prices are charged in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and exclude GST and delivery.