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Auto Parts Industrial (New Zealand) Limited, is a New Zealand owned and operated importer of aftermarket vehicle parts specializing in crash body panels and lights.

AUDI - A4 2001-

Picture AU25-000-0 A4 01- FRT BUMPER PRIMED GRAY In stock $335.00
Picture AU25-000G-0 A4 01- FRT BUMPER GRILLE CENTRE CHROME/BLK In stock $74.36
Picture AU25-000G-1 A4 01- FRT BUMPER GRILLE MAT BLK RH TUV In stock $49.42
Picture AU25-000G-2 A4 01- FRT BUMPER GRILLE MAT BLK LH TUV No stock $49.58
Picture AU25-000R-0 A4 01- FRT BUMPER REINFORCEMENT No stock $163.70
Picture AU25-009-0 A4 01- RADIATOR PANEL 4 CYL DIESEL SMC IT No stock $326.48
Picture AU25-013-0 A4 01- QUATRO FRT BUMPER APRON PRIMED BLACK In stock $243.73
Picture AU25-013-A0 A4 01-05 FRT BUMPER APRON PRIMED BLACK No stock $160.88
Picture AU25-015-0 A4 01- BONNET W/WASHER HOLE IT In stock $301.57
Picture AU25-016-1 A4 01- FRT GUARD W/O MARK & W/MLDG&LP RH In stock $162.62
Picture AU25-016-2 A4 01- FRT GUARD W/O MARK & W/MLDG&LP LH No stock $162.62
Picture AU25-087-0 A4 01- REAR BUMPER W/SPOILER W/O HOLES WAG In stock $574.21
Picture AU25-093-0 A4 01- GRILLE BLK W/CHR FRAME In stock $103.28
Picture AU25-202E-1 A4 01- H\LIGHT ("E") RH (Elec) In stock $268.52
Picture AU25-202E-2 A4 01- H\LIGHT ("E") LH (Elec) In stock $268.52
Picture AU25-252E-1 A4 01-TAIL LIGHT SEDAN "E" RH In stock $218.95
Picture AU25-252E-2 A4 01-TAIL LIGHT SEDAN "E" LH In stock $218.95
Picture AU25-940E-A1 A4 01-DOOR MIRROR ELEC,HTR.FOLD RH 10 wire In stock $326.35
Picture AU25-940E-A2 A4 01-DOOR MIRROR ELEC,HTR.FOLD LH 10 wire In stock $326.35

All prices are charged in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and exclude GST and delivery.