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Auto Parts Industrial (New Zealand) Limited, is a New Zealand owned and operated importer of aftermarket vehicle parts specializing in crash body panels and lights.

HINO - ,1984-1993 MCR/MBS/SH/MSH

Picture HI95-000-0 ,84-90 FS/MBS/SH FR BUMPER In stock $310.33
Picture HI95-000-A1 ,84-90 FS/MBS/SH FR BUMPER END RH In stock $53.87
Picture HI95-000-A2 ,84-90 FS/MBS/SH FR BUMPER END LH In stock $53.87
Picture HI95-003-0 ,84-90 FS/MBS/SH NOSE PANEL In stock $300.86
Picture HI95-016-2 ,84-86 FS/MBS/SH CORNER PANEL LH N/A FUTURE In stock $185.82
Picture HI95-016-A1 ,87-96 FS/MBS/SH CORNER PANEL RH SQ H/LP In stock $185.82
Picture HI95-016-A2 ,87-96 FS/MBS/SH CORNER PANEL LH SQ H/LP In stock $185.82
Picture HI95-030-B0 ,84-96 FS/MBS/SH STEP PLATE ALLOY UPPER R=LH In stock $64.92
Picture HI95-030-C0 ,84-96 FS/MBS/SH STEP PLATE ALLOY LOWER R=LH In stock $64.92
Picture HI95-040I-1 ,84-93 FS/MBS WINDOW REGULATOR HANDLE INNER RH No stock $12.40
Picture HI95-040J-0 ,84-93 FS/MBS/SH DR HANDLE INNER RH=LH GREY In stock $25.70
Picture HI95-040T-1 ,84-96 FS/MBS/FF/GD DOOR HINGE UPPER=LOWER RH No stock $26.55
Picture HI95-040T-2 ,84-96 FS/MBS/FF/GD DOOR HINGE UPPER=LOWER LH No stock $26.55
Picture HI95-050-1 ,84-90 FS/MBS/SH GUARD SILL RH In stock $410.14
Picture HI95-050-2 ,84-90 FS/MBS/SH GUARD SILL LH No stock $410.14
Picture HI95-050M-1 ,84-96 FS/MBS/SH SILL PROTECTOR RH No stock $66.21
Picture HI95-050M-2 ,84-96 FS/MBS/SH SILL PROTECTOR LH No stock $66.21
Picture HI95-093-C0 ,87-89 FS/MBS/SH GRILLE UPPER (gold) In stock $122.34
Picture HI95-093-C1 ,87-89 FS/MBS/SH GRILLE BEZEL RH (gold) No stock $87.61
Picture HI95-093-C2 ,87-89 FS/MBS/SH XGRILLE BEZEL LH (gold) No stock $87.61
Picture HI95-093-D0 ,87-89 FS/MBS/SH GRILLE LOWER (gold) In stock $243.73
Picture HI95-093-G0 ,90-93 FS/MBS/SH GRILLE UPPER (SILVER) In stock $119.27
Picture HI95-093-H0 ,90-93 FS/MBS/SH GRILLE LOWER (SILVER) In stock $203.90
Picture HI95-093-H1 ,90-96 FS/MBS/SH GRILLE BEZEL RH (silver grey) In stock $86.97
Picture HI95-093-H2 ,90-96 FS/MBS/SH GRILLE BEZEL LH (silver grey) No stock $86.97
Picture HI95-093-J1 ,84-93 FS/MBS/SH HEAD LIGHT BEZEL RH (Dbl sq) In stock $53.10
Picture HI95-093-J2 ,84-93 FS/MBS/SH HEAD LIGHT BEZEL LH (Dbl sq) In stock $53.10
Picture HI95-220-1 ,87-96 FS/MBS/SH FR BUMPER LAMP RH (Clear) In stock $24.42
Picture HI95-220-2 ,87-96 FS/MBS/SH FR BUMPER LAMP LH (Clear) In stock $24.42
Picture HI95-230-1 ,87-96 FS/MBS/SH FR CNR LIGHT RH In stock $37.18
Picture HI95-230-2 ,87-96 FS/MBS/SH FR CNR LIGHT LH In stock $26.07
Picture HI95-250-1 ,84-96 FS/MBS/SH T/LIGHT RH (relfector in red) Alert In stock $55.24
Picture HI95-250-2 ,84-96 FS/MBS/SH T/LIGHT LH (relfector in red) Alert In stock $53.71

All prices are charged in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and exclude GST and delivery.