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Auto Parts Industrial (New Zealand) Limited, is a New Zealand owned and operated importer of aftermarket vehicle parts specializing in crash body panels and lights.

AUDI - A3 2008-2011

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AU08-202E-1 A3 08+ HEAD LIGHT RH "E" (Elec) Alert In stock $326.35
AU08-202E-2 A3 08+ HEAD LIGHT LH "E" (Elec) Alert In stock $326.35
AU08-202E-A1 A3 12+ HEAD LIGHT RH "E" (Elec) HALOGEN Alert In stock $0.00
AU08-202E-A2 A3 12+ HEAD LIGHT LH "E" (Elec) HALOGEN Alert In stock $0.00
AU08-252E-1 A3 08+ H/B TAIL LIGHT RH "E" LED Alert No stock $326.35
AU08-252E-2 A3 08+ H/B TAIL LIGHT LH "E" LED Alert No stock $326.35

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