Auto Parts Industrial (NZ) Ltd.

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Auto Parts Industrial (New Zealand) Limited, is a New Zealand owned and operated importer of aftermarket vehicle parts specializing in crash body panels and lights.

Picture BM33-252E-B0W SERIES 3 98- E46 T/LIGHT SET(Alteza,4pcs)"E"wh 2DR In stock $436.93
Picture HD06-232-0W CIVIC 92-95 EG C/LIGHTS PERFORMANCE CRYS SET SEDAN In stock $76.61
Picture HD27-252-C0W ACCORD 98- COUPE T/LIGHTS & REFELECTOR SET PERFORM In stock $355.97
Picture MBW2-250E-0W LANCER 98- CK TAIL LIGHT (RH+LH) PERFORMANCE OEM In stock $243.73
Picture MBW2-252S-C0W LANCER 95-97 CK T/LIGHT (RH+LH) SAE PERFORMANCE In stock $275.40
Picture MBW2-260-B0W LANCER 95-97 CK BACK-LIGHT (RH+LH) CLEAR PERFORMA In stock $160.70
Picture MBW3-250-A0W LANCER 01- CS2A T/LIGHT (RH+LH) SAE PERFORMANCE In stock $206.56
Picture MBW3-252S-0W LANCER 01- CS2A T/LIGHT (RH+LH) SAE PERFORMANCE In stock $362.71
Picture SB24-220-B0 IMPREZZA 99-01 FR BUMPER LIGHT SET CLEAR 4dr In stock $192.66
TY74-202E-C0W HIACE 2010- H/LIGHT "E" SET YELLOW LED "E" In stock $408.97
Picture ZZ99-202-08W H/LIGHT UNIVERSAL SQ 2BX (Semi Sealed) performance In stock $45.45

All prices are charged in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and exclude GST and delivery.